Buying Policy

  • BandMaster accepts only money in THB unit.
  • 1 THB = 100 Cash. Minimum amount allowed is 50 THB (for 5,000 Cash).
  • You can use currency converter at the bottom of this page to calculate.
  • BandMaster cash is not refundable.
  • BandMaster does not take any responsibility if any funds are lost due to hack or scam.
  • Submit fake information or spam submission form will get your account banned.
  • You are not forced to buy items; it is your own choice.
  • Your spending will be a great help to keep BandMaster server alive.

Western Union Guide

  • Find the nearest Western Union branch on your location.
  • Bring at least 1 Valid ID for identification.
  • Talk to the agent in charge, and ask for the "Send Money" form.
  • Fill up the "Send Money" form with the details below.
  • Western Union Information
    Name​T​h​a​n​a​t​c​h​o​n​ ​C​h​a​i​v​i​r​o​o​n​j​a​r​o​e​n​
  • The agent will give you a receipt paper with the MTCN. Don't lose it.
  • After transaction, send MTCN and details to admin via page's inbox.
  • BandMaster Cash will be added within 72 hours after the submission.
Thai Baht Calculator
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